Beauty in one's surroundings is not a luxury; it is an ordinary part of daily life. Mary's preoccupation is with seeing & understanding how humans make their dwellings and what makes a house truly a home.

    She believes that in creating a home that satisfies the soul, aesthetics and function must be balanced in equal proportions.

    She believes in living fully in the present, not in the distant past, nor in the far future. That means using your good things daily, NOT saving them for your grandchildren; furnishing your home as a place to live, not a museum to visit; and creating a space that's sensible, as well as beautiful.

    Simple sheers on the windows, with fuss-less second layers, fabrics that breathe, not showing every mark, classic frames for the furnishings, colors used with boldness for variety and warmth, and patterns and textures many-layered or one alone, to achieve a depth of feeling...

    Always the overall effect is relaxed. 

    Warm, rugged, natural, classic, colorful & modern... Anything that defines living today is her style. And translating her clients' natures into their home spaces is her trademark. Mary has been helping people make their homes since1996. She cares about how her clients use their homes and how they feel in their surroundings.

    Contact us at mary@maryrubino.com

    or 847-424-0432.


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